Bamboo Sprouts

About Us

We are Rick and Tiffany, lucky parents to Sophie, Bella and Levi.  Rick and I met in high school and celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary in December, 2016.  All of our children were born in China and we became a family through adoption.  Rick loves his job as a computer guy, and I am a stay at home, homeschooling MaMa to our peeps.  I was diagnosed with MS in December, 2012 and in December 2013 we made a life dream come true by moving to the beautiful island of Vashon, Wa.  This blog is snippets of all of these things about us, as we live our one wild lives together.


Rick and Tiffany 12/2016



Sophie, age 14, 12/2016

Our oldest is Sophie.  She was born in November 2002 in Hubei China and became our first child in October 2003.  She is serious, loving, old-souled, thoughtful and a giver.   She loves ballet, art, reading and her dog Charlie best of all.  She is also very loved by her brother and sister and is their mini-mommy.  Yeah, that means she is kinda bossy.  😉  But it also means she adores them and they feel the same about her.


Levi, age 12, 12/2016

And this is Levi.   He was born in July 2004 and we met him in beautiful Yunnan Province in China in May 2007.  He is all boy.  🙂  He loves karate, Legos, swimming, computers and gaming and most of all reading .  He also likes helping his dad with projects.  He is loving, a boy of few words and aims to please.  Easy going and kind, he is a pure pleasure to know.


Bella, age 12, 12/2016

And this is our baby, Isabella.  Like Sophie, she was born in Hubei China, in October 2004 and joined our family in October 2005.  She is pure joy.  This girl is deliriously happy and her joy is so overflowing that it is contagious.  She is small but mighty and is personality plus.  She loves riding bikes, roller-blading, playing violin, dancing, animals, cooking, art and reading.