Bamboo Sprouts


My Dad and his beautiful, HUGE Newfie, Goliath, came from Colorado to visit us. We had a nice week showing them around and going to lots of fun island events. Summer is a great time here, with plenty of community activities happening all of the time, so many extra fun things to choose from.





Loving our neighbor’s super fun, homemade slip and slide. :)



Blackberries grow wild like weeds here, and we are not complaining! :) Kids go outside and snack snack snack and I beg them to pick enough extra for blackberry cobbler and (hopefully) jam. Yummo.


Enchiladas on the beach.



Some random, wonderful art


Someday we will learn to always wear or at least bring swimsuits so kids don’t end up swimming in their clothes!

We have a lovely little visitor for the night, so as a special treat, we packed up our dinner and took it to the beach.  We were shocked to see more people there than ever before!  Turned out to be a big group that is in town for a special family camp conference thingy.  Anyhow, we went ahead and stayed for our picnic and a little dip in the water, and it made for such a nice evening.


The humming birds have been turning up their beaks at my food!  I finally made a new and improved batch.  Turns out they much prefer a 50/50 water sugar mixture and now we are seeing much more of them. :)