Bamboo Sprouts


A friend called last night with the funniest request. Could we lamb-sit today?! This baby was rejected by her MaMa so now needs her peeps to take care of her. She arrived this morning and we fed her her bottles and changed her diapers and let her play outside and showed her off to our friends. :)

lamb sittingmeeting kittieslamb




nap time


Wonder if we have room for a couple of these cuties around here?!


from bella

From Bella-Boo. A few months ago, I bought a new hairdryer (because although my Gr’ma has had the same yellow Conair since about 1984, I seem to have to replace my dryer about every other year!) and it came in a pretty shmancy box (a magnetic closure on the lid!), which Bella immediately put dibs on. Bella and I are both box people, so I understood her appreciation of this one. She then spent weeks or maybe months, filling it with all kinds of fun things to give me for Christmas. Lots of drawings and a book about me, a rubber band loom bracelet and ring, a clay “T” ornament that she made in an art class, a painted rock snake, and a Busy Lady Bake Off cookbook (!) from our Island thrift shop. Also, a couple of Russel St*vers chocolate covered marshmallow santas, but those are my favorite and I ate them before I photographed the box! Gifts are Bella’s love language and I treasure her thoughtfulness.


For Santa-we ate and gave away all of the cookies, so he gets PIE!


My Dad is here for the holidays. :)


Casual chicken enchilada dinner for Christmas Eve.


Fancier dinner with friends Christmas Eve…eve. :)


Watching Pol*r Express.

Better head to bed, Santa arrives soon. (And I am worn out!)




Practicing with a boomarang.





December 21, 2014


My Mom has been hanging out in Oregon a lot lately and she recently caught a ride on the train and popped in on us for a few days. Such a nice time visiting, playing games, browsing around town, and such. :)