Bamboo Sprouts

Martie of Martieshouse/Proliferator, I miss you! Would love for you to contact me if you see this note. Hope all is well with you and yours.


The school where Sophie and Bella take aerial classes hosted a wonderful outdoor aerial show last weekend. Some performers from the school and some from Seattle entertained us well! It was fun to see what is possible for the girls to be able to do if they keep it up. :)


The movie theater in town offered a special, free, outdoor showing of E.T. in the parking lot. I don’t remember being a big fan of E.T. years ago, but the kids hadn’t seen it before, and I ended up thinking it was pretty cute this time! Plus, we have enjoyed every free, outdoor, community type event we have attended this year, so why miss this one? I had two favorite parts. First, when Elliot let all of the science experiment frogs go free and our Island movie-goers cheered him on! Second favorite part was when the MaMa is reading a bedtime story to Drew Barrymore and there is a line about who believes in fairies, we must believe in fairies, cheer if you believe in fairies (or some such thing along those lines!) and our audience clapped and cheered wildly! Have I mentioned how I love the peeps around here? I live amongst a pretty fun bunch. :)






They had a great area set up for people to try wool crafts like weaving, spinning, rug hooking and felting. Bella could have stayed there all day (and pretty much did!).



We went back one evening, at the close of the day, to hear the bagpipes.

The 2014 National Herding Competition on Vashon. I thought this four day event would be painfully dull, but I kept hearing how fabulous it was, so I knew we would want to check it out. Without the narration, I think it would have been as dull as I expected, but the announcers were really good at filling us in on what was happening and after awhile, we caught on and it was kind of fun and amazing to watch the dogs and the handlers do their work. There were also some craft and food vendors on hand to add to the party. I had a fabulous grilled salmon burger and salad thingy of some sort. Pretty gourmet for around here! :)


My Dad and his beautiful, HUGE Newfie, Goliath, came from Colorado to visit us. We had a nice week showing them around and going to lots of fun island events. Summer is a great time here, with plenty of community activities happening all of the time, so many extra fun things to choose from.