Bamboo Sprouts


My peeps, ready for an adventure. xo


I asked the girls to go out and find some flowers for me to work with and they came back with this lovely assortment, amounting to four sweet arrangements. I wish for lots more lilac bushes! So fragrant and delicate and pretty.







Do you have times when you actually notice what a lucky duck you are? When you think wow, this is my real life? Yeah, me too. Kids and kitties and a beautiful spring day at our dream-come-true island home. xo



I used some of my Bday gift $ for supplies and Rick and Levi built this fabulous planter for me to fill with flowers and other random things. Also, we have this side door that people tend to use a lot, and I am looking for ways to steer guests to the front door instead of this side door. I have more to do, but this is a start to blocking off this area. We are also using it to display some of our quirky, fun clay pieces from the pottery classes that the kids and I have been taking.


We have friends who own a bakery and one of Bella’s big dreams has been to spend the day baking with them. She and her friend G got to be big helpers one day recently and it was all she hoped it would be. :)