Bamboo Sprouts


I passed on a nice camera to Bella a few months ago and she gets some fun shots. This one of our Punkin is my favorite so far. :)


island kids


HUUUUGE snail thingy. Of course we learned all the real names of these, but I would need a take home guide to remember it all. There were just SO many.


This starfish was as big as a persons head and was hooked onto a pier post. There were two on this pole and they were both bright purple. These made me wish I had brought something other than my cell phone for photos!

lots of learning


Apparently, that orange one gets about a foot tall when it blooms out. The other thing is a sea slug and it was there to EAT the orange one.

field trip

We still home-school, but we are also a part of a program that offers some classes and support and field trips. We have loved the art classes they offered this year, the field trips and also just meeting other families on this same journey. Today’s trip was to a beach area on our island and I was prepared to be bored. Boy was I wrong! We had a nature expert for a guide and we all learned so much, the main thing being that if you really look, the beaches are filled with some amazing creatures! Seriously, we usually would just walk by it all because it mostly just looks like barnacles and rocks and such, but today we could see the creatures and it was pretty fun.


We celebrated Mom’s Day on Saturday. My peeps always make a big fuss with gifts and spending time with me and doing sweet favors and such. We BBQed and made homemade ice cream and in the evening we went to a ballet show on island.



On Sunday, we got up and headed down to Portland for tacos! My cousin recently opened a restaurant with amazing,  handmade food and we wanted to tell her in person how happy we are for her. :) If in Portland area, look up Taco Pedaler. You might find her around town on her food bike, and now you can also find her at her restaurant. Yum.


One of my special gifts.


Sweet, honest card from Sophie. :)


Us on Mother’s Day (eve) 2015.















So much beauty outside right now.


So many fun prom pictures on Fac*book this weekend! We don’t have any prom goers yet (thank goodness! few more years for that), but here are Rick and I, 25 (!) years ago. Prom 1990.


Rick 1990

Cutie pie, mullet and all. lol

Tiffany 1990

Ok, so not the dress I would want my girls to choose…but I loved it and am kind of glad I wore it when I could. ;)


We could never have guessed all that was to come, but I already loved him when this photo was taken and I am so glad he is still mine.

Sweet memories.