Bamboo Sprouts


Just a lovely little bit at the water at sunset. Manly peeps tossing a football, girly peeps building fairy houses.


We have some really special friends here, and I love that people just stop by for tea or lunch or come for dinner. Or meet up at the beach or on a walk. Or stop and have a chat at the store or library. This is a cozy, wonderful place, with cozy, wonderful people, who make time for meaningful relationships.


We are loving the artwork the spiders are creating outside lately. (Unfortunately, they are also creating them inside!)

Martie of Martieshouse/Proliferator, I miss you! Would love for you to contact me if you see this note. Hope all is well with you and yours.


The school where Sophie and Bella take aerial classes hosted a wonderful outdoor aerial show last weekend. Some performers from the school and some from Seattle entertained us well! It was fun to see what is possible for the girls to be able to do if they keep it up. :)