Bamboo Sprouts

It is beautiful here this week!  Perfect for my peeps to enjoy the outdoors.

I am a little overwhelmed…both by the beauty and the work!  :) Excited to see what all is going to pop up and bloom here.  I cut a few areas back just a little, but have decided to mostly sit back and watch it this year to see what we are dealing with.  I am hoping to have a better idea what to do with all of it next year, although I am thinking I will have to hire some expert help at some point too.


We celebrated my Birthday by spending the weekend in Forks…the Twil*ght  Forks.  :)  It was silly and pretty and meaningful.

The silly-

We used a guide from the internet to do a little Twi-tour.  :)

The bummer here?  I forgot to wear my homemade BITE ME tee that I wore to all of the midnight movies!  LOL

The Cullen’s!  Actually, this is not the Cullen’s, but it is a B&B where the owners “speak Twi” and have fun with it.

Bella’s house (Charlie’s house really).  It happens to be for sale!  I think it is 190K if anyone is looking to settle in a sweet little sleepy town in a super cutie pie little house.

On the way to LaPush.

Replica of the book version of Bella’s truck.

We have had a great time with the Twilight series.  :)  The books, the movies and now the town.  A dorky,but fun time for us.

The pretty:

The beauty of here.

The meaningful:

Since it was my Birthday, everyone was extra nice to me and gifted me with some lovely treats!  Socks and chocolate and bubble bath and schmancy earrings from my peeps this year.  Also lots of fun deliveries from afar.  :)

I haven’t wanted to go too far from our new home since we arrived, but this was a perfect little getaway.


We have recently been meeting up with some great homeschooling families at this skate park.  Although the kids had never been on any ramps or bike jumps, they jumped right in (once we bought bikes and such, although there is even some equipment available to borrow).  There is also a lot of running around and tag and just sliding down the ramps.  The park is such a fun, free, community-run place to be! And meeting these other families has been a HUGE happy thing for all of us!  One of the hardest parts of homeschooling is that it can be lonely. I am loving getting to know this group of MaMas, and the kids are having big fun getting to know all of the kids.  And oh my goodness…BOYS!!  There are tons of boys Levi’s age!  So fun for him.  :)


Lining up for the ferry.

Driving onto ferry.

Loaded up.

We go off Island a couple times a month, and this is how we do it.  Ferries run from the south end and the north end, about every hour.  I am simplifying things, but in a nutshell, that is the deal.  We don’t pay to leave, but for a car and the five of us, it is $30 for us to get back home.  We usually end up going from the south end to Tacoma area, so the ride is short enough that we just stay in the car.  For longer rides, you can unload and go upstairs where there are seats and snacks and such.