Bamboo Sprouts



I have wanted a bird bath to place on these old tree stumps since we moved in, so I made one. My first big attempt at mosaic. It is pretty flawed, but I learned a lot and love the way it looks on the stumps and I hope to make more fun pieces for outside.



Kitties are not allowed inside on the main level of our house, only downstairs (due to allergies), but they figured out how to get on the upper deck so that they could peek in!


Punkin, taking in the view from the deck.


Everyone presented their big end of year science projects today. Two were pretty nervous about this whole thing and one was…not so nervous. I will let you guess. 😉 All did a wonderful job.


Sophie’s presentation about water. She demonstrated an invention called the Life Straw that filters water to make not so clean water into drinkable water, for those in need.


Levi’s presentation about global warming. He built a solar powered robot to show that we can use alternative energy sources to slow the effects of global warming.


Bella’s presentation about diamonds. She grew her own crystals, although they are not real diamonds because, as she will point out, she did not have billions of years to do so.

These were for an earth science class that they take with a home school support group that the school district offers. They took writing, earth science and art this semester. We did not mean for the presentations to take this turn, but all of them ended up being rather activist/save the earth type presentations, when maybe they should have focused more on something like facts about caves or rivers or whatever. They chose their topics themselves though, and they went in the directions they did by choice, so there is that. Anyhow, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when we wrapped this project up today!


Box of babies the day we picked them up.


Staying warm in the brooder.



A week later! They are growing up so fast!


Here we have Buffy, Caramel, Angel, Roxie, Bunny, Jen the Hen, Luna and (possibly) Toothless (if she turns out to be he…). We got a big variety so that we would be able to tell them apart easily and we added two little silkies at the last minute…because they are so cute.


So cutie pie! They are inside for a few more weeks, then will move out to their new home.




Rick and the kids worked hard on the new hen home and it will be so fun to fill it up!


It is coming along! Chicks coming soon. 🙂