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Tomorrow we will celebrate two years with Levi and I will post all about our sweet boy.  Today, I am remembering China.  We just love China.  When we made the trip the first time, for our sweet Sophie, in 2003, I was indifferent about the trip.  The China part.  I just wanted that BABY.  But after going, we were in love love with China.  The people, the smells, the customs, the beauty, the differences.  We see China as a wonderful place, different than the United States, but no less wonderful.  I am now so thankful that China requires us to travel there for our kiddos because since we have fallen in love with China, we can pass that love on to our children. 

Today I am simply going to post some of my photos of China (2007).  During the anniversary times of our trips, I am naturally drawn to all things China.  Incense usually burning to remind me of the scents as we walk the streets and shops, one time I even painted my kitchen China red during this time.  Photos and artwork and jewelry from China.  And of course kiddos.  All things China speak to my heart, especially during the two times of year that we have made our three trips to China for a total of about 8 weeks in China. 

I hope you can see the beauty of both the beautiful and the real China, like I can.  I probably love the real China more.  They have beautiful parks with scenes of flowers and incredible beauty.  But life happens in these other areas and I love celebrating life.

Of course my very favorite pieces of China are my three treasures.  Isabella, Sophie and Levi in Guangzhou China May 2007.  I hope they always keep a love for their birthplace somewhere in their hearts.

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  1. Dawn

    You have some really beautiful pictures, of both the scenery and the people. I love China, too. I loved our trip and I can’t wait to go back some day and take Amaya.

  2. WendyO

    I LOVE China too. We leave again next month, I so wish it was more often. The beauty is within the people, the scenery, the small and grand. Maybe we can travel together there someday!

  3. Torrie

    happy anniversary! Hope to see you around this summer. The China photos are stunning.

  4. Beautiful pictures of a beloved country and his people.

  5. ShariU

    What beautiful pictures. I can’t wait to read your thoughts tomorrow!

  6. What a wonderful place to be from…

  7. KC & the Critters

    I am AWESTRUCK! The vividness of the surroundings makes me feel like I am there. It’s like I could feel the humidity when I looked at the photos of the river and the bridge. Those photos of the temples and the shrines and such made me feel a certain reverence for the culture that I truly know nothing about.

    It IS beautiful, and not just because it is, but because you captured it so exquisitely in picture form.

    Thank you for letting me enjoy with you.

  8. Tiffany, I love how you ‘represent’ for China in such a lovely way…it’s nice to see parents of Chinese children embrace the beauty and diversity of thier children’s birthplace. I love China too, in fact I could live in Hong Kong in a New York minute!

    I get so bothered by the comments of it being a ‘dark dark place’…China is glorious in it’s color, history, people, art, spiritual history…it is a land to truly behold.

    Your children will surely embrace being citizens of the world with you at the helm of the family!


  9. What beautiful memories of a very joyous and never forgotten trip to your son!!!

    Can I ask a favor?? Can you read my blog and tell me what you would do????

  10. We were also in China on Mothers’ Day 2007! We were adopting our sweet son, Mason. He was 5 1/2 when we were finally able to travel to get him. I wonder if we were in Guangzhou at the same time?

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