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Home Sweet Home

We have been home just over a week  now and all is going better then expected.  Doesnt mean it was easy though- lol.  For the past two nights everyone has slept all night! A 15 hour time change is a real challenge to adjust to. 

We were so happy to see all the familiar faces waiting for us at the airport when we arrived.  If you couldnt tell how thrilled we were it was due to the 23 hours of traveling!! Sophie had a major melt-down from sheer exhaustion when we arrived in Denver and basically refused to get off the airplane.  It was lovely.  lol  Bella puked big time all over me on the 13 hour Hong Kong to San Fran leg of the flight.  LOL  Luckily Sophie had also puked on me when we came home with her two years ago so I was prepared with extra clothes for us both.  If Rick were typing this he would add the little detail that I actually changed clothes right there in my seat on the plane.  LOL  What was I supposed to do- walk to the TEENY tiny airplane bathroom with big chunks of who knows what dripping off of me??  Ok, so anyhow, we got ourselves somewhat presentable and moved on.  Of course Bella-boo felt a million times better after the big event.  lol

Lots of visitors came to meet our new addition that night but she just couldnt keep her eyes open for the party.  Both girls slept soundly while our visitors visited.  lol 

Sophie was so happy to be back in her own bed and Bella was completely overwhelmed  with her new home.  In just a couple of days she was visibly more comfy here.  So she slept with me the first couple nights so she wouldnt be freaked out and then we transitioned to her crib.  She is still napping on me but we will work on that in a few days.  I wanted the girls to get adjusted to the time change first.  Those first few nights we were up at 2am making frozen pizza and pbutter sandwiches!  The second night home, Sophie slept 17 hours straight!!  This did not straighten her out one bit but it did make her a more cheerful girl.

We celebrated Sophies third birthday this past Sat if you can believe that!  Three years old already.  When we asked her what she wanted for her bday she told us she wanted mail.  Cards.  Our three year old asked for cards for her bday.  LOL  Thanks to all who sent them! In the end she is loving all the nice cards AND gifts that came her way.  Thank you everyone!

Bella continues to be such a sweet peanut!  She is so snuggly and just likes for me to hold her forever.  She is getting more and more used to Sophie and Rick also but this one is a mommys girl so far.  She enjoys watching Sophie and laughs out loud at her.  I think she will love playing with friends soon. She isnt so great at playing with toys yet but will do it for a few minutes so the potential is there.  I think she caught a cold on the planes so has been a little under the weather but is on the mend now.  Her appetite was nill but is coming back and she is eating eggs, a little pizza (!!), LOVES chocolate and sweets, cheerios, and her fav is probably still noodles.  She is much pickier then Sophie was at that age!  She likes pretty bland foods and even fruit makes her make a terrible face.  lol  We took her to the dr to make sure she didnt have an ear infection (she didnt) and the dr thinks she doesnt need to be on bottles or formula since she is over a year now.  Of course I will ignore this advice!  lol  For one thing, she weighed in at barely 17lbs (as opposed to the 19.5 they told us in China??) and she hardly eats.  Plus its good for bonding.  Sophie had a bottle until just over age 2 before naps and bedtime and it didnt harm her.  I do hope to switch to whole milk instead of formula once she is eating better though.

She is saying mama and dadada and byebye.  Not bad for 3 weeks of hearing English!

This is the last post in the travelog05 section and I will now go back to posting in the moms journal section.  I think I will plan to add photos to the moms journal section as I journal. We are sooo lucky to have these two beautiful, special girls!  Bella and I were out and about today and I peeked back at her in her car seat and she was sound asleep looking like an angel and I just thought I might burst!  Must be love.

Thanks so much for following our trip.  For those who havent met her, come see us soon!  Or plan to come to her welcome home party!  Invites will arrive soon- my mom is moving this week so we are putting the party off until after thanksgiving.  But please come.  We would love to see you.  (Oh, party is now on hold- we will keep you posted)


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