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East Lake, halloween day

Yesterday we had a fun outing to East Lake which we really enjoyed last trip and again this one.  Sophie is currently having a fit so cant type much but am attaching lots of photos of yesterday.  Today not sure what the plan is but we will get final paperwork and baby passport and have a party.  Tonight we will let the girls dress up and trick or treat to our rooms in the hotel.  Halloween is not a holiday in China but we will let the kids enjoy the dressing up and candy.

Tomorrow we head to GZ where we hope to shop til we drop.

Mom, I hope you had a really nice bday. We missed you.

photos-koi, daddy and Sophie feeding fish, family at East Lake, East Lake, mommys fancy $1 hat and Bellas $1 flower, Bella in cab with flat hat hair, cracked up, serious, lucky mommy with two cutie girls, Bella, 2 jammie girls, Beautiful Sophie, mommy and girls at East Lake, scenery, scenery, Prostaks, Blasingims

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