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Adoption Day

Paperwork is done and she is ours. It is very difficult to post because she will not let me put her down.  She is sitting up on the desk here now so we shall see how long this will last…

She stayed grumpy all day yesterday and is on edge again today.  She is just broken hearted for her foster family I think but she is doing great all in all.  She slept in the crib last night but got up at the stroke of midnight and again at 5am for bottles.  She lives for a bottle but then only takes about 4 oz. 

The only thing that made her happy last night was a bath!  The pix are deceiving because it looks like she was so happy last night!  lol

I was all prepared for Sophie to be jealous when I was holding Bella but instead its the other way around.   Yesterday I was holding Bella and Sophie came over and was talking to me and put her hand on me while she talked and Bella batted her hand away!  Sophie looked at me all confused and then looked right at Bella and put her hand right back on me.  This happened 4 or so times before I told Sophie that we are going to let Bella be naughty for a few days because she is nervous and then we will ask her to be a nice girl like Sophie is.

Bella goes to bed easily but doesnt sleep nearly as much as Sophie did (does!).  She seems fine with the crib though and I can put her in when she is sleepy and she puts herself to sleep.

She is a roly poly girl with cute folds on her legs. She is a walker but a bit tipsy.

I felt a little silly the other day when I bought a little pink Chinese childs potty and our guide pretty much said it was a waste of time but I must disagree since Miss Bella used it this morning! She tinkled and pooed in the little potty with no problem.  $2 well spent! Now to just figure out when she needs to go the rest of the time!

We met Director Sun today and he is a very kind, friendly man.  He appreciated the cash donations that some of you made and asked me to write your names for him so he can send you a special certificate of thanks. They specifically asked for the cash rather then items as they wont have to pay delivery, taxes and transport on them.  Our guide said they will provide photos and receipts for items purchased.

Thats it for now.

photos- Sleeping beauty- this photo reminds me very much of one I have of Sophie taken when we we were , in China the first time, Bellas bath time, bath, bath again, Happy Bella, Bella doing her thing, family at adoption registration, with director Sun, Dawna and Mackenzie

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