Bamboo Sprouts


We have our Bella!!  She is cute as  button! She isnt all together thrilled with this new arrangement yet though! She is having a much harder time then Sophie did at first, but still nothing too awful.  She was handed to us just after 11am and it was so nice because they brought her to a conference room at the hotel we are staying at.  Actually, its the same hotel we met Soph at!! She was immediately upset with the whole deal and is still kinda wimpy and unsure of things at this point.  She is a major cling-on to me (mommy) so far and wont let me put her down at all.  She is attatched to me (in her baby carrier) even as I type this.  She is surprisingly disinterested and even bothered by Sophie!  LOL  Sophie is undeterred at this point though!  She is thrilled and says things to Bella like “oh its ok sweetie” and is sharing everything from toys to her M&M container (most gernerous of her!). 

Bella came to us dressed in a blue plaid knit two piece type thing with a typical red padded cotton Chinesey jacket over the top and padded pants (HOT).  We are down to just the knit outfit until bed when we will wear our jammies and I look forward to some PINK tomorrow!  The knit outfit has a hello kitty type design on the top.  Her head was shaved a few weeks ago so she is sporting a spikey do but we can see that she will have nice thick hair.

She has only slept for a few mins and we havent figured out how to make her bottle to her liking yet so she has just had a yogurt drink from a bottle so far.  She likes a bottle though and makes good eye contact while drinking it (and other times).

She came to us with a beautiful photo album starting at one month old and the toys we sent ahead of time.  The numbers have been worn off the little phone we sent and the stuffed zebra smells and looks very played with and loved.

We know that she was just taken from her foster fam this morning and had a 3-4 hour ride to here this morning.  She is fussing and I must run.

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