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Edna Erdean Harness (Fuller Woodside) 1944 (age 20)

Aka Gr’ma Dean

We laid my Grandmother to rest in Long Beach California, with her husbands, Vern Fuller and Charles Woodside, last week. Friends and family gathered and we shared sweet memories. I loved hearing them! In a nutshell, she managed to make everyone feel so loved and special to her.


Then last night, we had a little dinner at home to remember her and I told the kids some little stories of my own. I set a pretty table, using the dishes that once belonged to my Great Grandmother, that Gr’ma Dean requested I have. To be honest, they were not to my taste, until last night. I am so glad we used them! They set a lovely table and I feel lucky to have them and I will treasure them.


She and my Great Grandmother were excellent keepers of our family history, so we have information and even some photos, that go back to the early 1800’s. I set out an album so that the kids could see photos of Gr’ma Dean’s childhood and life as a young woman.

Next to the kids dinner plates, I set out a little something for each of them from Gr’ma Dean. They can never know her in the way that I did of course, but I wanted them to know some of the stories and why she meant so much to me. I hope there is at least a little of her in me, because she was a special lady. My grief is deep with this loss, which, maybe oddly, has surprised me. She was 91, so my head knows that she had a good, long life, but my heart is broken.

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  1. Shari

    What a sweet way for you to remember your grandma. Your table looks beautiful with your vintage tablecloth and her dishes. This month will mark 13 years since my 96 year old grandma left us. We have honored to send her off because we knew how ready she was to go, but we still miss her terribly. Those grandmas remain in our hearts and they leave prices of themselves in us. Peace to you Tiffany.

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