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The Upside



I had my annual MS check-up at the hospital last week. I dread the appointment anyhow, but this is also one of the down sides of living on an island (with no hospital!). We had to get up at the crack of dawn (or before!) to catch a ferry to get to my 8am appointment in Seattle. I whined. A lot. But Rick takes me to the appointments and we caught the first boat we tried for (we left time to miss a boat or two, just in case it filled up or cancelled a run) and got there with time to spare and THIS was the view from the ferry. The upside to an early morning ride.

Once there, I had almost three hours of MRIs and then a little break before my regular appointment where they ask me a bunch of questions, tell me the results of MRIs and blood work and such and test my reflexes, strength, walking and all that jazz. Another upside…all is well. No disease progression (since diagnosed almost 3 years ago) and I have no major ongoing issues.

So all of that dread (and whining!) for nothing.

Usually Rick and the kids come with me and stay, but with such a long day of appointments this time, I suggested he just drop me off and come back in the afternoon to get me. After my appointment, we ran a couple of errands (because it is always good to make extra use of time off-island!) and we ate dinner out in Seattle before returning home and being treated to another beautiful view from the ferry.


Even the harder days have a lot of lovely in them.

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