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Indoor Sunset

I have always painted and wallpapered every room in our home, as if I have an allergy to WHITE walls!  I did it with great conviction, like it was my JOB to eliminate all white (or tan).  🙂 That was my plan for this house too, but when we got here, I had a change of heart and chose to paint it all tan, or “oregon coast” to be exact.  I like the peaceful feeling of it, and the way it works with everything else, and how easy it would be to change a room up on a whim.  But…I still missed a BIT of color.  So I chose a couple of walls, in the entry and in the living room, and spiced things up a little with burnt orange (or “sturdy table” to be exact, because sometimes paint names are DUMB).  I think it is just the right amount of color for us.  And, it happens to match some of our beautiful sunset views.  🙂


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  1. Stephanie

    I agree. Paint names are lame. I LOVE it however. I love seeing how you decorate! 🙂

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