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Ni Hao from Guangzhou!!

We are in GZ now for our US consulate appointment to get Sophie’s visa to come home. GZ is very different from Wuhan! Much more modern and big city like and the deals are WAY better here!! I should have saved the majority of shopping for here! But, we are only here 3 days and much to do in that time so not as much time for shopping as I would like. Sophie is doing great. We still can’t believe she is all ours! We had her physical yesterday and she is quite healthy!! Our whole group is very healthy actually- meaning well fed! Here in GZ it is very noticeable that our girls are much larger then most of the adopted girls. All US parents have to come through GZ so there are zillions of us here. Everyone keeps commenting on how large and how well developed our girls are. The Chinese people are very pleased that they are so large and they rub Sophie’s chinS (yep plural) and say double happiness. . .

So she weighed in at 21 lbs. We think that she is more like 20 (according to the bathroom scales) but what’s the difference really!? I knew I was lugging around a lot of weight in that baby carrier! Seems that their foster mommies took very good care of them! All of our girls weighed in at 18-22lbs! Although that is pretty normal for US babies, for adopted Chinese babies that is quite a lot. We are glad she was well cared for and we love her rolls! Her thighs are great for squishing and her chins are great for smooching!

Speaking of foster families, I had been thinking that it was strange how little she has seemed to grieve. She is so happy and content and adores both Rick and I, hating for us to be out of her sight! However, I noticed yesterday that she looks out the window intently while we are driving around in taxis and busses. I had noticed this before, but yesterday I noticed that it is motorcycles she is watching for. Then I remembered that in the little photo album they gave us there is a pic of her standing next to a motorcycle that probably belongs to her foster family. Now I think that she is looking so seriously at the drivers of the motorcycles to see if it is them. Sort of breaks my heart really. She must be baffled at what has happened. But then again, she does not complain or cry for them. Also, even though she looks intently at the motorcycle drivers, she is at the same time has a death grip on me. If they look back at her, she buries her head in my chest. I think she is happy…but really do wonder what on earth she thinks of all this.

Today we go to the consulate to swear to something – have no idea really. Tomorrow we head to Hong Kong where we will just stay one night then Friday we head to Denver. We leave on Friday China time and arrive on Friday Denver time! Weird! To us it will be Saturday! Hope she adjusts ok. She is such a scheduled little thing! She religiously takes her 2 naps and bedtime is at 8:30. Some of the babies just go with the flow. Sophie doesn’t really care where she sleeps – but she has to sleep. Plus she HATED the flight to GZ from Wuhan. She was the screaming baby on board!! We are definitely using meds for the flight home!! It was just 1 hour from Wuhan.

She is getting so good at walking. The only one in the group who walks not holding onto anything. Her little personality is blossoming too. In the pix we were given, she looks so solemn and sad. She is not that way at all. She has a reputation now for being one of the happiest little babies! Smiley and easy going. It is as if the babies have been set free. They smile and laugh now-but they throw fits too. We were handed little lumps- and they are just coming to life!

She had an upset tummy yesterday so we are going back to basics with food. We had been letting her try some different things. It is back to congee and eggs and noodles for Sophie! Mommy did NOT enjoy being POOPED on and PUKED on!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it is official though. I am a mom!

She will wake soon and once she realizes that I am not there, she will be unhappy which will make her daddy unhappy! He is doing great with her still and was able to put her to sleep last night. She requires some serious rocking usually and mommy has more of that rocking touch usually! The look on his face when he looks at her is priceless. I am afraid that I have moved to second place.

This may be the last time I am able to write. Not sure. See some of you on Friday hope to see all of you soon.

Much love,

Tiffany, Rick and Sophie too!

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