Bamboo Sprouts

Photos Soon (we hope!)

PHOTOS!! I am almost certain that we will be posting pix in the next few hours! Yahoo (or maybe it is China not sure) does something weird- so we will post them and if you do get them, please forward them on to those who don’t! And if anyone knows how to get them from e-mail into the yahoo group photo section of this group please do so for us! (Torey Lam maybe?? or Kel, if you are on here??) We can’t post them there from here so we will send them as an attachment. I expect to have them ready to post by about 6pm our time which is about 3 am in Denver.

Oh, now a request! I am wondering if anyone would be willing to take Ralph and Molly for just a day or 2 when we first get home. I know this is asking a lot…so we understand if there aren’t any takers! We think she will really like them eventually, but are worried that they will be so excited at first that they will scare her. That isn’t the homecoming that I want for her! If no takers, mom, please make sure they are put outside before you all come get us at the airport. Thanks!

Gotta run- will write/send pix later.


Tif and Rick and Sophie too

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