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Ok so this is extra nerdy but in blog-land, its common to be “tagged” to answer some sort of list of question or whatever on your own blog.  Even that is on the nerdy side right?  But the thing is, I WASNT tagged!  LOL  I just saw this on a blog I enjoy and decided to tag myself.  LOL  And now you will be tortured with the answers.  So if you arent interested in reading some drivel about ME, move on to your next fav blog to read each day.  Like this one for instance…   she is fantastic and her life is MUCH more interesting then mine.   Otherwise, enjoy, and I promise to move on to more interesting topics in upcoming posts.  🙂

 4 Facts About Me:

1. I am 35, married 13.5 years to my high school sweetheart and am the mommy to 3 Chinese children under 5 years old.

2. My favorite way to relax is in a hot bath that I refill 2-3 times and can last hours if I am supremely lucky.  🙂

3. Although the idea of being thin is appealing, I love tapioca, mashed potatoes and Baskin Robbins P-butter Chocolate ice- cream (not all at once!) more then I like protein shakes.  I also REALLY like feeding people so I bake and cook a lot and I apparently enjoy my own creations.  😉

4.  Although I have a college degree, it has never helped me earn even 10 cents.  I graduated from college 10 years after graduating from high school and then went on to adopt our three sweet kiddos and now have my dream job as stay at home mommy.

4 Habits I Have:

1.  I am addicted to the internet.  I check my email, my blog and a few other blogs first thing in the morning and again throughout the day whenever I can. 

2.  I usually at least check to see what is on Dr P and Oprah each day and I watch if interested and dont if not. 🙂

3.  I hum.   A  lot.  Now I am noticing that my kids are humming and its no mystery where they got that from.

4.  I make piles.  UGH  Piles of papers, piles of projects.  The good news is, if company is coming, I can often scoop my piles into a box of some sort and hide the fact that I make piles.  For the most part.  There is this one “pile” in my dining room that I now realize has been there for a whole YEAR.  Its a pile of bottled water and a broken thingy that I loved and a candle thingy.  A whole YEAR.  I am going to move that pile today.  If you come over and that pile is still there, thump my noggin and make me move that pile.

4 Things I have discovered in the last four years:

1.  Well mostly I have discovered that I like being a mommy.  We have added 3 children to our family in the last 3.5 years so most of the past 4 years have been about parenting!

2.  I am not as organized as I sorta thought I was.  LOL  Kids really magnify this problem.  😉

3.  The internet.  Rick being a computer guy, I really didnt need to know or do anything technical until I discovered email, blogging and yahoo groups!  My friend (thx Kel!) told me about yahoo groups when we were in the process of adopting Sophie and I have been a goner ever since.

4.  Although I am a fairly crafty sort of girl, I really seem to enjoy the result more then the process.  Isnt that weird!  I think most crafters enjoy the PROCESS.  I am working on that.  I just want things DONE and like the idea and the look (sometimes!) of homemade.

Four Things I Want To Try or Do in the Next Four Years:

1.  I SWORE I would NOT ever want to do digital scrapbooking but I do believe the time has come.  LOL  I hope to continue with “real” scrapbooking but I am falling sadly behind on that at this point and am having to consider changing my ways.

2. I want to take more pix (really good pix I mean) and do more writing.  I have always thought that I might have a book in me but so far I have no direction on that.  A childrens book?  Fiction?  Non-fiction?  I love all these and am not focused or sure where to go with it.  And I am also not at all convinced this will happen in the next FOUR years.  But sometime in the future.  I love that there are now some great self-publishing websites where virtually anyone can publish their works…even if its just for your own book shelf!  🙂

3. Simplify.  I am guilty of having too much stuff and more and more I see how we just dont need it.  Really, kids dont require whole rooms  of toys and none of us need closets stuffed with clothes.

4. I am going to try home schooling our kiddos.  🙂

 If you wanna answer these too, then I tag YOU!  Would love to see your answers.  🙂

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  1. Kelley

    Oh! You blame ME for this! 🙂 Well, if I had even a small part in getting you to this point, then I’ll take the blame and be GLAD about it. I LOVE your blog…love your kids…and, of course, you, too!

  2. Tiffany

    Hey Kel! Thanks for tuning in and commenting. 🙂 And thank you most of all for introducing me to the internet although at this point I need a 12 step program to give it up. 😉

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