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(Dreaded!) Famous Red Couch

I think this is a ridiculous tradition.  Isnt that bah-humbug of me?  LOL  The red couch at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou is famous to adopting families though.  The idea is to line up all the children in that adoption group on the red couch and take photos.  My children always holler and protest at this and I suppose this is why I find it ridiculous.  Here we have known these kids just a few days and we are supposed to stand by and let them cry while we photograph them?  And this time, we had NO travel group!  We traveled to Yunnan alone and then met up with other families who traveled to other provinces once we arrived in GZ and they sort of lumped us together and called us a group.  They were wonderful people so it had nothing at all to do with that.  But we werent a group.  And I wont torture my kiddos for these pix anymore.  LOL  Actually, I didnt torture Bella either.  We had tortured Sophie, as is evident in every photo taken that day and by the time we traveled for Bella, I was over it.  The first peep she made, I scooped her up and wisked her away from the red couch.  I have had guilt over this, and pangs of regret, as we dont have any famous red couch photos.  But she would have been screaming anyhow so what difference does it make.   Oh anyhow.  I thought maybe Levi would cooperate and not be tortured.  And he wasnt exactly tortured.  But not exactly thrilled either.  Usually just the kids are lined up but this is what we ended up with this time.

Now you have seen all kinds of pix of this kiddo laughing and all but here is what the red couch brings out in our kids.  LOL  Even sitting with his family!  🙂 Even Bella isnt over the trauma of the red couch photo.  😉

As a matter of fact, here is our “group” and the majority of us, and almost all of the kids, arent exactly looking our best.  I promise, we all look better then this.  LOL  Its that stupid couch.

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  1. Mom

    I think Sophie expresses it best in the big
    group picture!!!!
    That is too funny.

  2. Tori

    Tiff i relly like the vitdo that Rick made.
    i love you and think that levi is fitting in great.

  3. Tiffany

    Hi there Tori! Nice to “see” you here. 🙂 Hope you are having a nice summer vacation so far! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Love, Tif

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