Bamboo Sprouts

Photoshoot Part 2

You can see that someone is dying to do a monkey face and you know that I am begging her not to…

And then that someone notices that the other two seem willing to cooperate and this shocks her!

Now if you dont know Bella, you may be thinking I just caught her with her eyes closed, but I promise you this is not the case.  She is refusing to open her eyes for the photo!

And she adds a little pout just to be clear about it.

Levi just cant figure this girl out!  LOL

Even Sophie is trying to get her to cooperate but have I mentioned that this kid is STRONG WILLED…

And in the end I got nothin.  Except a rather cute blog entry I suppose!  But perfect photo aside, arent these just adorable kiddos??  Check out the matching cell phones in the pockets of their matching bibs.  LOL  Lucky mommy.

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