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We came home to these cute birdies all nested up in the eaves of our front porch.¬† ūüôā¬†

And here is the mommy bird getting lunch for her babies.  So cute.  And now we have been home a week and lots has changed because the birdies have flown the nest already! 

 But enough about them…more about US.   LOL  We have been home exactly a week and we are GREAT.  Can you believe it??  Our overnight in LA was rough with the kiddos only sleeping 2.5 hours as to them it was exactly 2-4:30pm in China…NAP time.  Ok so that was rough but turned out to be SO worth it because we got home at 4 pm on Sat, they went to bed at about 8:30pm and slept ALL NIGHT.  Eight hours.  Unebelievable.  This is still short of their usual 11 or so but I cant complain because the past two trips were MUCH more difficult to recover from.  But you cant claim to be back on schedule after one night because the next night can still be a disaster.  But NOPE.  Every night they have all slept 8-10 hours plus they are taking very long naps during the day.  I am sure once the naps shorten up a bit, the nights will get a bit longer.  So anyhow, what a difference a good nights sleep makes for a mommy!  So all is WELL.  :)

 Levi continues to do well and seems so much better adjusted at this point then the girls were at the same point.  With everything being so NEW to him, I cant believe how he just takes it all in stride.  It continues to be like he has always been in our family and I just cant say how much this surprises me.  He slept with me a couple of nights and now is comfy in his own bed.  He eats EVERYTHING.  LOL  He cleans his plate.  Not in a frantic way, but he enjoys his meals.  LOL  He is happy, laughs out loud a lot, plays nicely, loves to be held and snuggled and warms up to people pretty well.  He sticks pretty close to me, but this is very appropriate for now.  He is also picking up new words every day.  He also continues to speak lots of Chinese and we sure wish we knew what he was saying but he clams up around others so even when we have been around someone who could tell us…he wont talk.  LOL 

See how normal things are?  LOL  Monkey faces continue…kids are happy and playing nicely together (although remind me if I forget to tell about the MEAN BELLA COOKIE incident) and the weather here is grand.  On this day, Levi and I went to Home Depot and bought plants for the front yard and came home and we did yard work which they all liked helping with.  Their big job was to collect up all the pinecones.  :)

I have lots more to post and catch up on but wanted to start with this one letting everyone know we are home and settling in nicely.  Come see us when you can!

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  1. Angie

    I enjoy your blog so much! I love your kids and just want to wrap my arms around them! They are more precious than words. I hate we missed yet another reunion but so enjoyed the photos. Miss you guys!

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