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Chores Aren’t a Bore

Well maybe they are, but they are simpler these days.  Here is our system.

I took photos of their jobs.  Here you see sweep, set table, feed the dog and make bed/clean room.  I made 20 cards total for all 3 kids.  I had them printed as wallet size, laminated them using business card size laminater thingys and my laminater and then I attached stick on business card sized magnets to the back to make the chore cards magnetic.  You could also draw or write the chores which would be a little simpler but this works best for us as its very clear what they need to do.  Their chores include things like empty dishwasher, make pbutter sandwiches for lunch, read books to the littler ones, clean the playroom and put the laundry in the washer or dryer.  On some things, they work together so well and I didnt want to ruin that so that is why they all have the dishwasher card or the playroom card.  Those jobs can be team jobs while making your bed is an individual job.

Each kiddo has a magnetic board that is 11×11.

Everyone chose their own color.  Right now, these boards are available in the back to scho*l section at Walm*rt for $5.  The magnets are 1.50 per pack of six in the same section and I will explain those below.

So they wake up to this.  I choose what chores I want them to do that day and stick them to their board and I line the circle magnets at the bottom of the board.  They automatically know what to do and there is no discussion.  Each child does as many chores as their age so Sophie does 6, Levi 5 and Bella 4.

As they do their chores, they put a circle magnet on top of the chore card to check it off. 

I got this money from a chore chart I ordered once but the charts didnt hold up so well.  You could use any play money.  Ones only.  Each day, if they do ALL the chores, they get ONE dollar.  It isnt up for discussion.  It’s all or nothing.  This is my favorite thing about this system.  No discussion about chores.  They do it or they dont and they earn the one dollar a day or they dont.  More about what they DO with this fake money below.  🙂

This is how it looks all set up.  The charts are on the fridge.  I keep my stack of money in a magnetic clippy thing (at the top there) and next to that are the extra chore cards I can choose from for them each day.  The row of money in clips is theirs that they earn.  The money isn’t a toy (well yes it is, but in this case not!) so I keep it clipped there so it isn’t lost or mixed up or played with. 

Now what to do with all the chore money?  Well, I dont have this part all set up quite yet!  But I saved this cutie pie treasure chest that some dress ups came in a couple years ago and it is going to be our chore rewards treasure chest.  I will fill it with goodies ranging from a pack of gum or candy to polly pockets to tape (they heart tape!) and hot wheels to fancier toys too.  I will price the treasures (my own way, not store pricing…meaning they will not each get a $7 toy each week!  treasure chest candy and toys will be a little “pricey”  so this doesnt get ridiculous.  although, on things they save up for, I may give them a bit of a “bargain” to reward for the saving up of it.) and the store will be open each week on Saturdays and they can shop.  The most they can earn is $7 a week of course but they can choose to blow it each Saturday, or save up for some of the nicer things.  

The kiddos LOVE all this.  They work like maniacs to finish their chores and so far they do that without knowing that a “store” is coming.  I think they love that there is no discussion as much as I do!  And they love the reward dollars and I know they will love the “shopping” even more.  This is a revamped version of a system I ordered last year that just didnt hold up with my wild kiddos using it.  This system took some prep work but now that it is done, it is the simplest thing I have tried.

I had not planned to “reward” for chores and up until now, they have done them cheerfully, with no real consistant reward.  But this is fun and they really are so helpful and for at least a few things, we have decided to offer a small reward.  They get allowance (real money-lol) in addition to this, as we see that as seperate.  They save some, donate some and get to spend some of that.

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  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! And easy, too! I love the laminated photos. May have to steal this idea…Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dawn

    You are so organized. That looks like a great system. I have tried several different systems and they never seem to work out. I love the idea of letting them earn “money” and then spend it once a week. That just might work with my kids.

  3. You’re too awesome. I mean seriously!!! What a great way to have fun, get the job done and get the kids to help out!

  4. I love this idea. Need to scope out WM for the magnet boards.

  5. Dawn T.

    What a fantastic idea! You have great ideas and obviously great organizational skills. Your system really makes it look like fun!
    Dawn T.

  6. pure genius!

  7. Jenny

    once again, making me feel inadequate. this is awesome! good work tiffany!

  8. Oh Tiffany,

    this idea is just great…

    This is sooo cool… Genius Idea you had… and I just love it the way you did it…

    I did it with lists… but somehow this list is always missing somewhere…

    Too bad I can’t get those magnet boards here in Germany…

    anyway, I just bought a little treasure chest and stuff to fill it…

    I guess I start again with a list where they mark it when they are done with their jobs…

    Let you know how it works here ;-)))


  9. GENIUS idea!!! I just might have to “steal” it too!

    (And thanks for the comment on my hair! ;))

  10. You are wonderfully organized! I have been meaning to put something together like this for the girls, but just wasn’t sure how to set it up. You have given me some great ideas.

    Thanks. The zoo looked fun, but I think Bella’s facepainter needs a little more practice.

  11. ok, that’s it!!! you should write a book!! What a fab. idea here! I’m headed to W@lmart! Wow wow wow! I LOVE this.

  12. Love it! The pictures of the chores are perfect. Do you think I could make one for me? Hold myself accountable?

  13. I LOVE this system! What a great idea!!! It also helps to keep it consistent. There are days my kids don’t have any real chores except making their beds and then other days where they will have 4 or 5 each when we are cleaning house on Sundays. This is a great way to get them to do things during the week too!

  14. KC

    This is fantastic!!! Probably my favorite post so far!

  15. spfldmo

    I love this everytime I see it, and tell myself “I wanna do that too!” But I have been lazy til now and have not. Its a great idea and system and I am going to try to remember to do it too, or at least something similar but not exactly the same (out of sensitivity to intellectual copyright laws)!

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