Bamboo Sprouts


During part of the time that the peeps were in CO, Rick was also out of town, so my sister came to hang out with me on the island. It was her first visit and both of us being kid free was a treat. 🙂 We poked around here and there, but we also just stayed home and did some sewing. She is a much better seamstress than I am, and I learned a ton!



These are some tops that I have been making. I have always sewn clothes using a serger to “finish” the seams, but she taught me to do French seams and I think I am addicted to them! They make the garment feel much better finished and nicer made!

Mostly it was a treat to have some time with just my sister!





While sprucing up bedrooms, I came across this. Levi is running a little side business it turns out! His money jar is pretty full too, so I would call it a success. And as you can see, he places a high value on tips. 🙂


What we actually did while kids were vacationing…a bunch of projects! Some dates and fun too, but mostly projects. We might tweak this a little given the chance for a do-over, but it does feel great to have a few things done too.

I started by organizing our storage area. It started out as pretty much a big heap of we didn’t know what and ended up in labeled containers that maximize the small amount of storage room that we have.


Next I spruced up Levi’s bedroom.


And the girls bedroom needed some sprucing too.


These blankets (simple tied quilts) have been on my list to tackle for some time now, so I am so glad to have finished them! I had a bunch of fabric meant for clothes projects when they were little that just wasn’t useful now, so I cut it all up and made blankets for the ends of their beds. Now I can live guilt free. 😉




We also put new flooring in the kitchen…


And new flooring and paint in the family room downstairs. We are getting new carpet for all of downstairs, but kids and pets are very hard on this room in particular, so I wanted a hard surface that is hard to destroy in here. Rick put it in and it is perfect for what we need for now!



We also put in a kitty door so they can come and go and hopefully move toward being litter free.

Whew. I think that is about all of our big kid free time projects!


Kids went to Colorado for three and a half weeks! They whooped it up with all of the Grandparents and the COUSINS. So much fun was had!





Rick and I stayed home and suffered. 😉

(photo of us by my sister, who visited us for a few days)



Rehearsal photos by Linda Crayton.

Our Sophie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think she had eight dances in the show this year and she was pleased as punch! She has grown a lot in ballet and this was her first year on pointe and she added modern dance to her class schedule as well. In addition, she volunteers with the class one level behind her and she adores those students and is very committed to her “job” and learned all of their dances as well.


At the end of the final show, they present awards to a couple of students. In a million years, Sophie was not expecting an award!! And I knew nothing of it either, but by some miracle Rick was working the set so was behind the scenes and I arrived back stage, in the wings, just in time to see it happen. They first announced another student and I loved that I saw Sophie jump for joy at her friend’s name being called and she was genuinely so happy for her. That made it extra amazing when they next recognized Sophie and called her name. The look on her face!! I wish I could save it forever, as she was just so stunned. Genuinely, honestly, shocked and stunned. It was beautiful and sweet.

Sophie is a girl who gives from the bottom of her heart and who is comfortable in the back ground, just doing her thing, but I love when the people in her life see her beauty, so this meant the world to her and to me too. We are so proud of her. Not just for being a beautiful, dedicated ballerina, but mostly for being a wonderful, thoughtful, giving person. xo