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Most Hits Ever

I can’t figure out where they are coming from, but this post gets the most hits ever on my whole blog. It must be linked from somewhere? But that should show up.  Can there really be that many peeps go*gling for castle cakes? From all over the world. Odd. Thought I would bring it back up to the top and award it best post ever on Bamboo. Huge LOL. 🙂 Ok, so maybe I just dont have anything else to post right now. 😉  This was from January 2008 when I made this castle cake for my nieces 5th birthday after having made another version for Sophie’s 5th in November 2007.  Seems I will be making another castle for Isabella’s 5th in October.  🙂

So again, this is just a repost of an old post.

Alright so now that I am a veteran castle cake maker…here are some details. 🙂 You can do this too! I liked doing this one more than I liked the kit one I did for Sophie’s party in November. I was just bothered by the plastic pillars of hers so I did some research (LOL) and found that you can make home made edible towers for the castle. So here are some castle cake making tips. Because you KNOW there is a castle cake in your future. LOL

There you have it! One castle cake tower. Ice-cream cones! Just frost to whatever color you like. 🙂 Now, I attached them together with extra strong decorator frosting that acts like a glue. Regular frosting might slide and they could tumble over. You can make your own sticky frosting or buy it in a can at Michaels/Hobby Lobby, that sort of place. 🙂

Now I am no PW, so I dont have pix of each step but here is as I am assembling it. One thing about a castle cake is it takes a lot of CAKE. A tiny castle cake just wouldnt do. But cake is cheap. So you just need some big pans (I used 12″ square and 8″ round for this one) and bake up your cakes a day or so ahead of time and FREEZE them. Frosting a frozen cake is so much easier than frosting a fresh baked cake. Then, to layer such large cakes, you need to support it. You can use a piece of cardboard between the layers and some little dowels of some sort to support it. So push your dowels into the bottom layer and set the cardboard cut to same shape as second layer on top with that layer of cake. Now I am saying first and second layer but really each “layer” is 2 layers. Yep, it does feed 60. LOL But remember, cake is cheap. Its the time you put into this that makes it priceless. LOL

If you dont happen to have these big ole pans, dont fret. I saw a super cute one using a very standard 9×13 pan (1 layer) and a standard loaf pan (also 1 layer) and the same sort of ice cream cone pillars. I do not believe she doweled and supported that one since it was just one layer each. And it looked very grand and beautiful.

Here is the cake all assembled. I liked it just like this but had already made plans to fancy it up 5 year old style. 🙂

Oh and another tip, see those big sprinkles, its hard to get the full affect in a photo but it makes it all sparkly. But regular sprinkles dont give it the same affect. Use Wilton brand decorator sprinkles. They are huge. I saw that even Walmart carries them and they really snazz up any cake or sugar cookie!

So I added some coconut that I dyed green with food coloring and some princess people and a carriage. I thought it was hideous. LOL But then the girls came downstairs and saw it and FLIPPED OUT. So I left it. Must be a 5 year old thing. Must also be a 5 year old thing that they didnt notice there was no door into the castle. Course who needs a door to get into a cake. Anyhow.

And they were right. With the lights out and the candles glowing, it was a beauty. 🙂

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  1. Wow… I’m so impressed with your cake decorating abilities. I might just have to try out this one. Do you think a princess cake would still work for a 7 yr old? I’ll have to wait and see. I still have some time until that day. Thanks for re-posting!

  2. I can understand why you get so many hits…that cake is a masterpiece. I always take the easy way out…well, almost always.

    I cannot wait to try one of these!

  3. yeah, I’ll be hitting it numerous times in November 🙂

    We chickened out this past year and got a pretty nice one from Kmart of all places.. not as nice as this though!

    I might unleash Dave and test his engineering skills…

  4. Well you got my “hit” because, when I googled castle cake, that great photo of the “naked” ice cream cones. You’re the only one who demonstrates the stacking of the cones so well. Thanks so much for posting your masterpiece! Your explanations are wonderful.

  5. Barbra-Sue

    I found on Pinterest!

  6. Anonymous

    wow this is great!!!

  7. barbara

    Love this!!

  8. k. Lee

    Just made my castle cake using the cones. It turned out pretty good but I had a hard time frosting them. I just used regular buttercream frosting to stick them together and it turned out pretty well. It does take a lot of cake i used 3 boxes! and a lot of paitence. Thanks!

  9. jenny

    do u have a recipes for sticky frosting? i plan to make this for my girls birthday. thanks

  10. DebB

    Brilliant!!! I’m actually making castle gingerbread houses & was trying to figure out how to make gingerbread the turrets. I pride myself on making them entirely edible & the ice cream cones are the answer.

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