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Guangzhou-shop til we drop

We are having fun in GZ! I think the change in hotels and locations has done Bella good.  And our hotel is so much better then the last one and shopping is everywhere- all within a couple of blocks and decent food too.  Below you can see a photo of Sophies fruit plate from Lucys.  It was a piece of art and all for a couple bucks!

Bella continues to come out of her shell and I love seeing the girls play so nicely together.  Sophie is helpful and wants to take care of Bella and make her laugh.  They are having a giggle fest as I type this.  Bella is also allowing Sophie to come within 10 feet of me now (not that Bella ever stopped her anyhow but she sure wanted to).  She is also starting to laugh and smile with Rick although she continues to have a strong preference for mommy.  I still think this will change though as she catches on that daddy is the fun one!

Today was her physical exam and she is 19.5lbs but I dont know how many inches.  I think she is fairly tall though- maybe similar to Sophie at that age but still dont think she will end up quite as tall (bec afterall, what are the chances??  lol).  We do seem to have two good size, beautiful Hubei girlys though.  Anyhow, the exam is always pretty lame and not much involved but the head dr did her full exam and about drove me crazy.  She wanted nothing to do with him and he was trying to listen to her heart so to show her it was ok he pretended to listen to mine but that just upset her more and she batted his hand away from me.  Well he thought this was so funny that he kept doing it over and over!  LOL  Well its funny now but at the time I was just thinking what a goofball!  She was getting so worked up.  I doubt he really ever heard her heart properly but he moved on like he did after he had his laughs.  He called our guide over to show her how much Bella didnt want him to touch her or  me too.  THEN, he moved on to the next patient but had to walk through the waiting room and he came and did it some more.  LOL

Bella loves anything sparkley, french fries, chocolate, being strapped to me in her baby carrier, music and bottles.  She does not like loud toys, dolls (although I think she is coming around), ice-cream or other cold foods.  I bet she will love tapioca like Sophie and I.  My portion of tapioca is dwindling with each new addition!

Bella has a very infectious smile and her whole face smiles- not just her mouth.  Her nose crinkles and her eyes tilt up and sparkle. Her name (Jiao) translates to pretty and charming and she certainly lives up to all that.

Her spikey hair does give the impression that she is a boy but we are working on that little problem.

Tomorrow is a free day (shop til we drop I guess) and Friday is US consulate day.  We check out on Sat morning (at a very unreasonable 6am!!!!!) and arrive home on Sat although to us it will be Sunday!  Not sure how much more there is to post but we are looking forward to seeing everyone soon and settling in back home.  I hope that a routine will improve the sleeping situation around here.

Photos- Bellas first flight, Sophies fruit plate art, Bella eating watermelon, Bella at dr., Sophie feeding Bella (love how Sophie opens HER mouth trying to get Bell to open hers-lol, Bella laughing and Sophie AND Bell on Mommys lap at dinner!

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