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Long update-Wuhan, Xiaogan visit

Sorry its been a while!  A certain little person wont let me put her down for 5 seconds, making it hard to type…or do about anything! 

Last night was the first night that Bella pretty much slept thru the night.  Unfortunately it was Sophie who gave us the 2am wakeup call when she puked all over the king size bed that she, Rick and I are sharing while here!  If it isnt on thing, its another!  She spiked a pretty nasty temp, had welts on her mug and was really lethargic today but is perking up this evening and seems to be on the mend.  Its hard to even guess the cause but we have a DR in our travel group and she thought it was probably a little virus.  We are hoping for the best tonight.

Lets see.  Thursday we went to a dept store that I love and we stocked up on a few more cute Wuhanian shoes. Still feels like we need more though! I dont know what else we did as its all a bit of a blur already.  Oh, we had a very nice dinner with friends of friends who are living in Wuhan and teaching HS English.  Getting there was a huge challenge since the taxi driver dropped us at the wrong place and each person we asked for directions sent us a different way but after much wandering I saw a non Chinese face waiting for us on a bench and knew it was our friends.  We had a lovely visit and very much enjoyed hearing a little about life in Wuhan.  I just wish I hadnt been so tired and we could have visited more.

Friday we visited Xiaonan SWI in Xiaogan city where Sophie spent her first year.  It was a moving visit even though we came away a little disappointed.  We really hoped that a meeting with the foster family would be arranged but we were happy to visit the SWI and the town and get to ask some questions.  They went out of their way for us and remembered the girls and seemed genuinely pleased that we came to visit.  They also took us to lunch at what is considered to be a fancy Xiaogan restaurant but it looked pretty scary to us!  lol  In the end the food was fantastic and we were able to forget that there was a big ole framed photo of Mao overlooking our table. Most of all it was great to chat with them and be able to say thank you for all all they did for Sophie.  We have always felt that she was very well cared for and loved and I still think that after our visit.

One of the best things was getting to chat with our guide Joanna on the way to Xiaogan.  I asked lots of questions about life in China and was surprised at her honest answers. 

Today Bella and I ventured out to the Yellow Crane Tower with friends while Sophie and Rick stayed behind to let her rest. 

Bella has had a much rougher transition then Sophie had but still all things considered, all is well.  She is attached to  me all day and wont go to anyone else so far.  I am getting exhaused as we have also had some rough nights but last night we saw progress so we are optimistic that she will be able to sleep all night soon.  She is a sweet girl and very loving…to me- still not great with daddy or Sophie but I am sure they will soon be her favorites.  I think she is just very overwhelmed right now.  She snuggles with me all day as I carry her around in the baby carrier and lays her head right up on me the whole time.  She has even given me a smooch all by herself!  Surprised me to no end!  I deserved it too after she had been an especially difficult pill!  lol  She continues to use the little pink potty surprisingly well too!  I have only changed one icky diaper the whole time and about 1-2 wet ones a day and I think thats only because we are out and about too long.  She is almost always dry and uses the potty whenever I set her on it.

She is so smart and a copy cat.  She combs her hair, pretends to put on lipstick, trys to put barrettes in, has already learned a couple of sign lang signs (more and potty) and is saying bye bye and waving.  She also blows kisses. On the flip side, she is not very good (at all!) at entertaining herself or playing with others.  She really just wants to be held and is perfectly happy as long as I do that.  lol

The scale in the hotel says she is 7.5 kg which would only be about 16lbs and I find that impossible to believe after carrying her around for days so ??  lol  I would guess more like 20 as she seems similar in size to Sophie at gotcha.  We will know her size better next week when she has her dr appt in GZ.  12 mos clothes are just about right and size 2-3 baby shoes so very sim to soph although i think she has smaller hands and prob wont get quite as tall.  our guide has ammended her guess on sophs height and now thinks she may get abt 6 ft tall!  lol  good thing she lives in the US because she might have trouble finding a date (when she is 30 of course) in china.

She takes several bottles a day and looks forward to them very much.  She lets me snuggle her and doesnt make any attempts to hold the bottle, very much like Sophie did.  She seems a bit more babyish then Sophie was at first, but then again maybe I have just forgotten!  Her fav thing on the planet seems to be a good warm sink bath!  Takes right after her mommy (although i prefer a tub of course)!

Well this is the most that I have gotten her to play on her own but better not press my luck.

Hopefully photos in a while.  Rick ran out for a bit and I dont have a clue how to do them on my own.


Photos-on the road in Xiaogan- those are PIGS in that guys bike cart-lol, Bella putting on lipstick, Sophie putting on lipstick, Xiaogan, Sophie at playroom at Xiaonan in Xiaogan, More playroom, back street in Xiaogan, Mao lunch in Xiaogan, Sophie and SWI assistant director.

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