Bamboo Sprouts

Halloween Memories


2004 Sophie’s first Halloween


2005 We were in a hotel in China during our trip to adopt Bella. They don’t celebrate Halloween in China, but our travel mates made a plan ahead of time to pack costumes because several of us were bringing older siblings, so we dressed them all up and trick or treated in the hotel. Bella was clearly not a happy camper about all of this.


2006 Our first year home with both girls. I made their “sparkly witch” and “little sparkly witch” costumes and we used this photo as our Christmas card and said “We WITCH you a Merry Christmas?”. 🙂 A favorite of mine.


2007 Levi is home!


2008 I made Bella’s “Wonder Bella” costume and at the very last minute, Levi was not happy with whatever he had first chosen to be and he wanted me to make him a super costume too…so we really winged it and he was a Super Levi. That was the last year that we allowed last minute costume changes!






2011 Another favorite of mine! They all decided to be pirates together. I used this for our Christmas card photo again and titled it “yo-ho-ho Merry Christmas!”.


2012 Sophie went from wanting to be a fancy princess to a dark and creepy spider princess..but I don’t think she has ever pulled that off too well! She is way too sweet to be evil, even on Halloween. 😉


2013 We were staying at my Mom’s house while we were in the process of moving from Colorado to Washington. It was a wonky one, but fun and her neighborhood is great for trick or treating.


2014 Our first Halloween in our new home in the PNW. They do things a little differently here, with a big bash in town instead of door to door trick or treating, since we are mostly too spread out for all of that. It’s so fun to see friends and party in the street. They decided on their own to recycle old costumes, so a bride became a white witch and a ball lady became a creepy spider ghoul and well I think the ninja is still a ninja. 🙂

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