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MS-One Year Later

I am really late on this, but one year ago, as of December 19, 2013, I was diagnosed with MS.  I am happy to say that that date totally passed without me even thinking of it!  Now, I will say, I did think of it a few days prior, and we were super busy living our one wild life and moving, but STILL.  A year ago I would not have believed that I would just forget the trauma of that date, and the weeks before.  About a week before that anniversary, I saw my neurologists at the Rocky Mountain MS Center and had a great update.  I had my one year follow-up MRI, and was glad to hear that things look GOOD.  No new lesions and no active lesions.  They consider my case to be relatively mild and my prognosis to be good, based on this past year.  They are happy with the medicine they have me on, so the plan is to continue with that.

And how do I FEEEEL?  Well I mostly feel pretty good.  I do have some residual weirdness on my right side and my hip gets wonky as the day goes on, but all in all, I am doing great.  Just wanted you to know.  🙂

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  1. Beverly

    glad you posted again. you look so happy.

  2. Patricia/NYC

    Been thinking of you! Happy to hear the good prognosis!
    You look fabulous & happy!

  3. Hope Perry

    Hi! :-). I sure enjoyed the pictures. I know the kids enjoyed inside the house camp out; I would get that generator though as soon as you can. Not having power is going to get old real quick. My folks had one in Fla. due to same problem. Selling them like hotcakes after Sandy storm.
    I am so happy the M.S. is behaving itself, I truly believe a happy attitude helps majorly in MS. And correct me if I am wrong, but you have always seemed pretty happy to me :-).
    How are you working the schooling since you live on an island? Is there a school nearby?
    Many blessings to all, love, Hope

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