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Little Update

I have so little to post these days.

I have been having a lot of hard days but I just hate saying that.  I really appreciate all the kind emails, comments, thoughts and stories of peeps you all know who live well with MS.  Actually this might be a strange request but if any of those peeps you know are interested in talking to a new to MS person, I am really interested in talking (or emailing) with them.  I am a person who likes a lot of information and am very interested in hearing how some others manage this.  I am still having trouble even believing that I have MS and I get sad sometimes.

I saw a Neurologist last week and learned that according to my MRI’s, I have probably had this for a very long time, this is just my first flair up.  That is such an interesting thought because it means I already know what it feels like to live with it, just not to live with flair ups and the after effects.  The after effects are what I am struggling with right now, but I know it just might take more time to realize more improvement.  My strength is back to a large degree on the side that lost so much, but about 1/4 of me is still numb and electrical/tingly and I am so disappointed about that.

Anyhow, for now, I am just still adjusting to all this and giving myself more time to improve.

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  1. Linda Lee

    Tiffany, If you email me privately with your email/phone number (whatever you are comfortable with), my friend Mary is willing to talk to you about her experience. She’s a few years younger than I am (so mid-50s) and has been diagnosed for 15 years. so it sounds like her diagnosis happened around your age and she could give you some good insights.

  2. Trina

    Hi Tiffany,
    Krista D asked me to get in touch with you and forwarded me your blog site info. I was diagnosed with RRMS five years ago and if nothing else just want to say life with MS will never be a bad as you initially imagine when you are first diagnosed. Send along your phone number and private e-mail and we can arrange a time to chat if you want.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Krista Dolan

    Hi Tiffany!
    I hope you were able to get in touch with Trina! She is wonderful and has so much information and insight.
    I’ve been thinking about you!

  4. Dawn

    Hi Tiffany,
    I have been away from my computer and favorite blogs for a couple of months. I am so sorry to hear your latest news and what you are dealing with. Keeping you in my thoughts, and hoping you continue to see improvements from this flair up.

  5. Stephanie

    I am just catching up after months….I didn’t know….big hugs to you my friend and prayers as your traverse this road. {{{{{hug}}}}}}

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