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solid-liquid-gas experiment

This experiment was to demonstrate how solid becomes liquid and then gas and then liquid again.  Ice heated on the stove in a pan became steam that collected on the sheet pan that had ice on it and then rained back into the pan.  They loved it.  🙂  And we learned that in a way (for laughs) we drink dinosaur tinkle (because the liquids on earth evaporate and then rain back down) and this cracks us up of course, but the next experiment showed us that the rain comes back nice and clean.  Good stuff.

In a way, I am embarrassed by all that I learn alongside the kiddos.  Or more like I am embarrassed at all that I never learned in school!  Last week we learned about Napoleon in history and how he was shipped out to an island (well two different islands actually) to live out his life because he was such a nightmare they just wanted to get rid of him.  Does everyone just know this stuff?  Well I didn’t.  Then I was watching Big Bang Theory which is one of my new (to me) very favorite tv shows and Sheldon referenced Napoleon and the island of Elba and I totally got it and how fun is that?  🙂  And the grammar.  I don’t remember ever diagramming a sentence in my life and here Sophie is getting to be such a pro at diagramming and I am learning right alongside her.

I remember when I was a couple years into college and a friend from high school called me one night to tell me, with great shock and amazement and mostly just wanting to make sure that I also had this information, that we live on the OUTSIDE of the earth!  She graduated from high school thinking we lived on the inside of the earth (because otherwise we would fall off…).  She had attended a college geography class that evening and could not believe this news!  Heehee.  🙂  Now, this is funny but it is also shocking, right?  I want things like this, and much more, to not get past my kiddos!  This silly story is extreme, but there are so many things that I missed in school, probably because we moved a ton.  I am loving all that we are learning and I am loving learning it WITH my kids.


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  1. Dawn

    I think it’s good that you are excited because if your kids see how excited you are, they will see how fun learning can be and they will have fun, too.

  2. Stephanie

    I didn’t learn any of this either…AND I also love Sheldon! 🙂

  3. Renee

    I just watched the Count of Monte Cristo again, which is one of my favorites, and it also deals with Napoleon being on Elba. I knew nothing of this before the movie. Its also funny to me how once you learn something it comes up multiple times. Coincidence or do we just get it now? 🙂 Love all your enthusiasm!

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