Bamboo Sprouts

The Peeps

I sure likey these peeps of mine!

Here they are in our front yard all ready for their once a week enrichment program which is a lot like a day at school.  They LOVE this program and I mostly love it too.

So far, we are having the best school year yet.  The enthusiasm is through the roof and I see light bulbs going off constantly as they wrap their minds around all the new information this year.  Very fun.  We are much more interactive this year and I think that is making it more interesting and more fun for all of us.  Although their “desks” are still in place, we have not used them once yet this school year!  We are doing all of our work at the kitchen table, working together and this is so much better.

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  1. Anonymous

    They are the cutest little bunch of “peeps” around! =)

  2. Steph


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