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Menu Monday 5/31

Hungarian Goulash

Monday- visitors over for a bbq.  burgers, dogs, baked beans, chips, fruit salad, homemade ice cream and PW texas sheet cake

Tuesday- roast is in crockpot to make into french dip sandwiches with sweet potato fries, left over baked beans and applesauce

Wednesday- chicken divan and salad

Thursday- penne and marinara, garlic bread, salad

Friday- tacos, refrieds, mex rice

Saturday- homemade pizza

Sunday- something with ground beef!  (have too much on hand right now-lol)

Hungarian Goulash
1/4 c. shortening (old recipe!  LOL  I wouldnt use this, just brown up some cubed beef in a sprayed skillet or use a little olive oil)
2 lb stew beef in 1 inch cubes
1 sliced onion
1/8 t minced garlic
3/4 c catsup
2 T worcestershire
1 T brown sug
2 t salt
2 t paprika
1/2 t dry mustard
dash of cayenne pepper
1 1/2 c water
Plus 1/4 c water and 2 T flour
Brown beef and onion and garlic in shortening (or olive oil!).  Drain.  Add all other ingreds and simmer 2-3 hours (or transfer to crock on low for a few hours).  Stop here if freezing.  If serving now, shake 1/4 c water and 2 T flour and add to mixture to thicken.  Serve over hot egg noodles. 

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  1. I so admire people like you who can plan out meals for a whole week. I can barely plan my next meal. Having said that, I am already hungry for lunch in two hours. I am planning on making myself a veggie burger with cheese. Yum.

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