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School!  This is basically our classroom.  Recently, well over Christmas break really, I started fretting and thinking we better enroll them in public school.  I wonder if this is going to be a yearly problem!  So I got out some of my books to see where we should “be”…and seems we are ok.  We have overlooked geography.  But we have months to fix that little glitch.  That is why there is a bare spot on the top shelf of Bella’s desk!  The globe is on the coffee table right behind where they sit at their desks because we are working on that now.  🙂

I recently came up with a new system for organizing their daily work.  It now only requires about an hour each weekend to plan ahead for the coming week and it makes the week go so much better.  Each kiddo has a section in this sorter thingy and each has 5 folders in their section.  On Sunday evening, I put their work for each day in a folder and file it in this organizer.  Then each day, I just pull out the folder they need to complete for the day.  This allows them to work more independently on some things, is clear what needs doing each day, and keeps us on track better.  On the front of the folder, I list additional work that needs to be done because some things don’t fit in a folder. 

The kiddos are 5, 5 and 7.  One first grader and two kindergarteners.  It was getting so crazy with all the I am done and what’s next type questions and I was often unable to finish working with the child I was working with in order to get someone else started on their next assignment.  This has eliminated much of that.  I got to thinking about a typical classroom and there is no way that a teacher keeps each student working at their own pace!  They must often have to “wait” until the next assignment.  Now that is the beauty of homeschooling!  Everyone working at their own pace.  But at this age, with everyone not reading quite well enough to be on their own yet, it was just nuts.  SO!  🙂  We are learning to “wait” a bit and learning to find something else in our folder to work on if possible until the MaMa is freed up to help.

Hard at work.

The Grotto Grip.  Fantastic little thingy that makes their pencil grip flawless.  🙂  Sophie said last night she would like one for her fork and you know that isn’t a bad idea!  LOL  I have looked around at restaurants before and been surprised at how kiddos (even kind of old ones!) have not been taught how to hold a fork.  Feel free to steal Sophie’s gazillion dollar idea.  Just send us three sample fork grips when you do please.  🙂

Hard at work and helping each other out as needed.  Kind of funny…when I first moved us to the family room for school, I had Bella and Levi working at the coffee table for a few days and one day Levi said Bella lets move that plant so I can see your paper better!  hahahahahah  I had never told them a thing about doing their own work, not copying, cheating, etc.  We discussed this a bit but still when we set up these desks that we work at now, I put Sophie between the two kindergarteners who are usually working on the same assignments!  🙂

Overall, school is going well these days.  Recently, they asked what we were going to do and I replied SCHOOL and Sophie moaned and groaned and I said excuse me let’s try that again!?   And the other two cheered and said YAY SCHOOL and so she joined in!  LOL  You know we had to do that with dinner a couple years ago when everyone started coming to the table grumpy and not liking anything and now they just say thank you for my good deener and most of the time Sophie actually says OH IT’S MY FAVORITE.  Almost every meal is her favorite now.  🙂  So much nicer to sit down to a table of thankful peeps than a table ful of pills.  So we will go the same route with bad attitudes and school because I think so much of it is a matter of HABIT.  It had just become a habit to come to the table grumpy.  We don’t want that to happen with school!

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  1. awesome. so great you can work on Kindergarten right now and not have to wait until September like us! ugh. Tell me where you get your ‘curriculum’ from? I have no ideas about homeschooling, but I need to get Miss P into the grove with ‘real’ K/garten work NOW rather than wait.

  2. Patricia/nyc

    Sounds like you got it goin’ on!!

  3. Jamie

    I once stopped dating a guy because he didn’t hold his fork correctly. And don’t even get me started on what it looked like when he went to cut his meat. It’s such a turn off. I love Soph’s idea!!

    I’m asking this question trepadatiously because I’m extremly ignorant with regards to homeschool and I’m sure you’ve done your research and know a lot more than me, but – do you ever worry about the social aspect of going off to school? Do you plan to homeschool them through highschool graduation? :O) And if so, what about things like homecoming, yearbooks, school clubs, football games, prom? Again, for me it’s not a matter of , “haven’t you considered these things??” It’s just that i’m sure you have and I’m curious about what you came up with.

  4. Wow!! That set up looks perfect!
    Krista D

  5. Cindy

    I’m impressed, they look so interested in it all! Hats off to your organization skills.
    Where did you find the pencil grip? We could use some of those around here too.

  6. Jenny

    Tiffany! Will they be going to our “neighborhood” school? Ty is enrolled for full day, he would be so thrilled!

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