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Oh my goodness…where to do our school work!  We started downstairs in the playroom/office area but ugh.  I am just not a basement girl, walk out basement or not.  It’s so seperate from the rest of the house.  Which is exactly what I love about it for the playroom!  But for school, no good.  So then we moved up to the kitchen table.  But there is no wall space there, no storage for supplies and it’s an area that I dont like to be messy all the time because it is literally the center of our house and open to the rest of it.  So then I moved us to the dining room.  Pretty good.  Still out of the way a bit, but not as far out as the playroom.  Still didn’t like the mess in there although I did like the wall space.  Eventually though, I realized that I rarely used the white board anyhow.  I sit next to them and work with them more at this point.  And the big thing, I live in the family room really.  So, we made the move a few weeks ago.  Bought these tiny desks so that three would fit in here without too much having to be moved out.  This works.  We shall see for how long.  LOL  But this works.  🙂

Everyone has their own spot.  Can you tell who sits where?  🙂  It’s handy, I can see them from kitchen and family room.  I am comfy and so are they and guess what.  These desks are really microwave carts I believe and were on clearance for $29 at the Walm*rt and that is hard to beat.  At first when I realized they weren’t really desks (of course this was after they were assembled by the person who didn’t really love this idea in the first place!), I was fretting because the desk tops are high.  But guess what, these stools are perfect height for them and keep the kids from squirming so much.  Whew because that assembly person might have had a cow if I changed my mind AGAIN already.  He doesn’t get why finding the “place” for school has been so difficult!  I don’t really get it either but that’s that.  🙂

If you homeschool, where do you do it?  I understand lots of peeps move all around but so far, when they are so young, I can’t make that work either.  I can totally see that once they are older though!

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  1. WendyO

    M’s playroom is also our school room–it looks like a school room mostly, but her toys are in cubbies in a closet organizer and has lots of room to play as well as room for her table and chairs–school. I use the top row of the cubbies for school stuff and also the top of the closet for craft supplies and additional materials.

    It is working well so far (third year). Her bitty table is great for her–I use a short stool instead of the bitty chair–I use the extra to hold the books, etc for the day. When she is a bit bigger I have an “open” wall (currently with massive charts) that we will put a long table desk with two chairs side by side–currently I face her.

  2. good grief woman, the thought of homeschooling hurts my teeth. I think it looks great…and all I have to say is “good luck with that!”

    wish I had the patience to do it…but nope, I’m shipping the big one off to Chinese Immersion K-garten next year!

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