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PS from Wuhan

I forgot to mention. . .

She began recognizing her name on Wednesday! We had planned to combine her US and Chinese names for awhile- something like Jiao Jiao Sophie. However, we are unable to say Jiao with the correct accent anyhow – so it was not recognizable to her. Of course we are not even sure she was called Jiao (although it is common for them to double the baby names into something like Jiao Jiao) because they could have used a different pet name for her. So now she knows she is Sophie.

Some of the babies call out for their foster moms and grieve here and there. Sophie seems to be adjusting so well. She was certainly upset at first, but no serious grieving. And she does not call out for a ma ma like some do. This seems odd to me since we can tell she was very well cared for, but of course we can’t know the whole situation! At 11 mos she just can’t tell us! We know she was well cared for because she is healthy and well fed and responsive and developmentally on track or ahead. Plus she easily allows us to do things for her like feed her (bottle and table foods). She does not naturally do it herself and as a matter of fact makes no attempt to hold her own bottle while we feed her (she holds her own water bottle fine so it is not a dev. problem). We just think that her foster mother did not bottle prop but instead held it for her.

I didn’t mean to go on and on


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