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Not THIS angel faced girl…

Have you been thinking how can things REALLY be so great around there??  LOL

Well, as much as we are surprised how well Bella is doing with the addition of Levi, there is also evidence that she isnt thrilled.  Now all in all, I still have to say that she is really handling this new brother thing very well.  She totally lets me hold him and care for him which we really thought she would have issues with.  But it seems that she also has a bit of a passive aggressive streak in her. 

The other night, I took a bath and left Rick in charge.  He sat them all at the table and gave them each a cookie.  Levi had eaten about half of his cookie when he needed a potty break so Rick took him to the potty.  Rick is telling me this after my bath and I say OH NO!  Let me guess…Bella ATE the rest of Levis cookie!  NOPE!  WORSE.  She crumbled the rest of his cookie into TINY pieces and left it in his spot for him.  OH MY.  She was properly tortured as she had to get down from the table, give Levi a WHOLE new cookie and she had to sit in a time out while he ate his new cookie and she had none.  But can you even believe that?  UGH.  She went on to whap Sophie after her timeout was over so who knows, she may have just been in a mood, but please.  CRUMBLING a cookie??  LOL  We obviously still have some hurdles ahead of us.  😉

Hard to believe THIS angel faced girl would be capable of such a thing, isnt it?  🙂

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  1. It must be a Hubei thing! This sounds like our house!!!!! 😉

  2. Tiffany

    LOL Susan. Well maybe, but our other Hubei girl wouldnt think of doing such a thing! 🙂

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