Bamboo Sprouts


Summer is over for real now that the last concert in the park is over. Shoot. We have enjoyed all of the talent so much. Weather has been lovely for each one, we pack up a paper grocery bag full of fresh popped corn and share with whoever stops by our blanket to have a chat and a handful. It all made for some special evenings.


From our living room.




Another fun concert! These pix were taken pretty early in the evening and the thing is, well, Vashon peeps are notoriously late to everything, so the crowd did show up, but by then, I was too busy enjoying to snap more pix. A Seattle band treated us to some fun music in the park. Kids can play on the equipment at the park (behind the stage) and play games of tag behind the park and behind the audience area is the library, with a great hill for summer sledding (on cardboard), and we can listen to great tunes and have yummy picnics and visit with friends and dance and watch dancing. We know how to whoop it up here on Vashon!







Fireworks on Vashon, set off from a boat in the harbor. They put on quite the show for such a small place! The pre-show that islanders set off along the beach is quite something too. 🙂


island kids


HUUUUGE snail thingy. Of course we learned all the real names of these, but I would need a take home guide to remember it all. There were just SO many.


This starfish was as big as a persons head and was hooked onto a pier post. There were two on this pole and they were both bright purple. These made me wish I had brought something other than my cell phone for photos!

lots of learning


Apparently, that orange one gets about a foot tall when it blooms out. The other thing is a sea slug and it was there to EAT the orange one.

field trip

We still home-school, but we are also a part of a program that offers some classes and support and field trips. We have loved the art classes they offered this year, the field trips and also just meeting other families on this same journey. Today’s trip was to a beach area on our island and I was prepared to be bored. Boy was I wrong! We had a nature expert for a guide and we all learned so much, the main thing being that if you really look, the beaches are filled with some amazing creatures! Seriously, we usually would just walk by it all because it mostly just looks like barnacles and rocks and such, but today we could see the creatures and it was pretty fun.