Bamboo Sprouts


Sweet salad (recipe below) and london broil

Monday- bbq chicken legs, steamed green beans, rice

Tuesday- roast in wine sauce, carrots, mashers, salad

Wednesday-maybe go out. 

and then Rick is headed out for a few days again so lots of simple kid food.

Thursday-pigs in a blanket and homemade mac n cheese


Saturday-chicken dinosaurs (yeah gross… I know), leftover mac n cheese, fruit salad

Sunday-think I can get away with a popcorn night??

Sweet Salad

In a large salad bowl:

I like a mix of romaine and ice-berg

2c. sliced strawberries


1/4 c. veg oil

2T. red wine vinegar

1/2 t. soy sauce

1/4 c. sugar

whisk until well combined and toss on salad just before serving.


1 pkg dry ramen broken up

1 c. walnuts

1/4 c. butter

1 c. brown sugar (I think this could be less and will try it with less next time)

Saute the dry ramen and walnuts in the butter and then add the sugar to coat.  This is delicious and try not to eat it all up before it gets on the salad!  😉

Monday- chicken tortilla casserole, refrieds, salad

Tuesday- sloppy joes, sweet potatoe fries, applesauce

Wednesday- chili and cornbread

Thursday- Chinese probably dumplings, noodles and eggrolls and veggies

Friday-roast in crockpot for french dips, tater tots and fruit

Saturday- pizza and salad

Sunday-meatloaf, mashers and green beans

Whats on your table?  🙂  No really, I need some new ideas here!

Not exactly a resolution but gotta get back to planning meals for this family o mine!

Monday- fajitas

Tuesday-pork roast sandwiches, baked beans and fries

Wednesday- spaghetti and meatballs and salad

Thursday- chicken tortilla casserole, green beans

Friday-homemade pizza and salad

Saturday- fondue dinner

Sunday- Chinese dinner- noodles, egg rolls and pot stickers

I am cleaning out the freezer and pantry for the next couple of weeks (or until mission accomplished!) so all of this week is from what we already have.  🙂  Hard to beat a free week!

for more meal ideas go visit org junkie here.

  • Monday-Rick comes back home from business trip and we usually go out to celebrate.  🙂
  • Tuesday-spaghetti night
  • Wednesday-home made chicken noodle soup in crockpot served in bread bowls
  • Thursday-freezer meal
  • Friday-home made pizza
  • Saturday-chicken tortilla casserole
  • Sunday- Mother’s Day…not a good day to go out but maybe we will have a late lunch/early dinner out at a time when most people dont want to eat.  🙂 

We don’t always stick to the menus day for day but it’s nice to have a plan.  🙂

For more menus, recipes and such, check out The Organizing Junkie.  And have a great week.


  • Monday- chicken tender strips, veggies, potatoes (baked I think)
  • Tuesday- beef stir fry with steamed rice
  • Wednesday-pork ribs, salad, PW potatoes
  • Thursday-spaghetti, salad and bread
  • Friday- Rick out of town this weekend…this is going to become the norm for awhile!  We will have homemade pizza without him but will rough it most of these weekends with simple meals and leftovers.
  • Saturday-Leftovers
  • Sunday- Cousin Marks Bday so we will have dinner there

For bfast, I usually do some combo of eggs to hold them over til lunch with half a bagel or a piece of toast or a muffin.  They also love cereal with berries on top.  Weekends, we almost always have pancakes or monkey bread or something else fun.  🙂 

Lunches, kids and I are pretty simple.  Their very favorite lunch is p-butter and jelly on wheat bread and I serve it with something like pretzels, fish crackers or chips and some fruit.  They also like things like quesadillas, pita pizza, mac and cheese, etc.  Easy stuff. 

Snacks are things like homemade cookies, banana bread, fruit, cheese and crackers.  You know.  The normal stuff.  🙂

So we do have some variety for bfasts and lunches but they all eat the same things.  No short order type cooking around here!  Luckily, they love regular food and lots of fruits and veggies so meal times are pretty pleasant around here.  🙂

For more menu ideas, go check out The Org Junkie.  And have a great week!