Bamboo Sprouts


February display window at the ballet studio. Always a fun challenge for me! I am so glad that Rick is super helpful about things like cutting out huge plywood hearts for me to work with. 🙂








Snow is rare here and this amount is even more rare! Makes for a cozy day, snuggled in at home!



Sophie was goofing around and stuck this red bird decoration on the dress form when we were decorating for Christmas and it ended up being my favorite touch!


December display window


January display window

I can’t get great photos so far, because so.much.glare!



There is a window at Sophie’s ballet studio that was basically just a window into the storage room, and being right out front, it wasn’t very festive, so I asked if I could make it my project to provide a display window for them. Rick really did the hard part, building it out for me, and creating a real display with a floor and walls to work with, and now I do the fun part each month (or season or whatever, not yet sure how often). The first window I did was for Christmas and then I turned it into a winter scene. Next up, Valentine’s Day! It is turning out to be a good little challenge for me, and a ton of fun!





In a small way, we went on record today, to say we are watching. To say that we hope we are wrong, but we don’t agree with much of what we have heard so far. To say that love and kindness toward all people matters, and we are awake. We participated in a mini-march that took place on our little island today. We walked, visited with neighbors, and sang together.


December 30, 2016

We celebrated 23 years of marriage by having a pretty normal kind of day. We spent the day together, lunching and shopping around in our little island town. It was the perfect way to celebrate this year. Kind of in the same way that Valentine’s Day is not the only day to celebrate love, our anniversary is definitely not the only day we celebrate our marriage. I fell in love with Rick 27 years ago, and mushy and gushy as it may sound, I think we celebrate most days. I love him and like him and still feel really lucky that he is mine.